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Demo Days CrazyAmphibian - 12/mar/2024


Price Drop CrazyAmphibian - 2/mar/2024

Always protect your earnings. A penny saved is also a penny.

Radio Silence CrazyAmphibian - 1/feb/2024

i've actually been doing things, i'll have you know

The Sound of Progress CrazyAmphibian - 16/dec/2023

Hapy holidays, all! Talking about PROGRESS. there's a update in store for SSTD. how exciting.
also a few ramblings about CM.

UI Sucks CrazyAmphibian - 1/dec/2023

Another sneak peek.
also me going on about how much i hate UI.

codename: CM CrazyAmphibian - 8/nov/2023

A sneak peak (kinda).

What comes next? CrazyAmphibian - 25/oct/2023

What will happen to us post-release

PR tomfoolery EloTheE - 22/oct/2023

People failing to fool you is FUNNY.

Conclusion CrazyAmphibian - 16/oct/2023

It's nearly there.

Precipice CrazyAmphibian - 15/sep/2023

Inside the mind of a developer nearing release.

Reworks are fun CrazyAmphibian - 13/aug/2023

Into why and how reworks happen, and an example from SSTD.

Coping With cut Ideas CrazyAmphibian - 20/jun/2023

The hardest part... is letting go... an insight into why features get removed.

The Anatomy of a Game Concept CrazyAmphibian - 28/may/2023

about the process of game design, starting from the first step: the initial concept. it's not as easy as it seems...